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Our Services

  • Hybrid

  • . 850-1600
    By Artist
  • Creates a “Powder Effect”


    • The ultimate, long-lasting brow transformation. The precision of a machine tool with the benefit of an Artist’s touch, a perfect ‘hybrid’
    • Lasts longer: The Technique of pigment implantation allows for double the lasting power of Microblading, sometimes even longer (depends on skin, lifestyle etc.)
    • Opacity control: As “soft” and “water-colory” as you wish or as opaque as 100%, depending on your comfort level
    • Strokes are added to the front of the brow for a blended, natural effect


    Who is a good candidate?

    • As long as you have healthy skin, anyone without a contraindication is a good candidate. Great for: color corrections, those wanting a longer-lasting brow.
  • Microblading

  • . 650-1100
    By Artist
  • Manually drawing in hairs


    • Brush stroke approach to beautiful brows. Individual hairs are drawn by hand to achieve the ideal frame for your face
    • Always err on the natural side with color & shape
    • Buildable and highly customizable to your features
    • Depending on the Artist’s assessment, shading may be done to blend in and create a seamless look.


    Who is a good candidate?

    • You have healthy skin and are not on the contraindication list* (link). Clients with very oily skin are not good candidates for Microblading, for you, we recommend the Hybrid method.
  • Tinting

  • . 75-150
    By Artist
  • Model your new brows


    • Explore what your new brows could look like in our Artists’ hands. Our experts will wax, shape, and tint your brows to give you a taste
    • Consult: Includes a detailed consult on how best to serve your longer-term brow goals
    • Temporary: Your improved brows will last for 2-4 weeks, just long enough for everyone to wonder what your new beauty regime is


    Who is a good candidate?

    • Anyone who wants to test drive new, better brows before committing
  • Eyeliner Tattoo

  • $ 950
    By Artist
  • Define your lash line


    • Lash Enhancement done subtly in the lash line or a little bolder to make your eyes pop – no makeup needed
    • Our master artist will determine the best approach for your eye shape. We do not do cat eyeliner
    • Our fine tattoo services will enhance your eyes so that you can wake up and go!
  • Lash Lift & Tint

  • $ 150
    By Artist
  • Lift and curl eyelashes


    • Perm lasts 6-8 weeks and gives you a beautiful curl to your lashes, opening your eyes to a flattering shape!
    • Tint is great for blonde lashes to give the look of fresh mascara and to give depth to any lash color.
    • Save time and look gorgeous!
  • Wax: Full Face

  • . 65
    By Artist
  • Exfoliate and hydrate


    • A premium wax service followed by a calming, soothing, hydrating mask. Great done monthly as a “Cheater-Facial” to gently exfoliate dead skin cells and encourage skin cell turn-over.
    • Facilitates product absorption and makeup application.
    • Wonderful for event-preparation.

    CAVEAT: You cannot take retinols, retin-A, Renova, Accutane, AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid), Glycolic, or any skin-thinning products (including oral medication/ supplements) for one week up to a year, depending on potency, prior to coming to us.

  • Wax: Feature

  • $ 20-30
    By Feature
  • Wax individual features


    • Let our experienced Artists wax your individual facial features to exfoliate dead skin cells, remove unwanted hair, and encourage skin cell turn-over
    • Select which facial feature(s) you want to wax – or sign up for a full-face treatment!
    • Options include:
      • Nose
      • Cheeks
      • Chin
      • Sideburns
      • Lip
      • Neck

    CAVEAT: You cannot take retinols, retin-A, Renova, Accutane, AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid), Glycolic, or any skin-thinning products (including oral medication/ supplements) for one week up to a year, depending on potency, prior to coming to us.

  • Fibroblast

  • . TBD
    By Artist
  • Skin rejuvenation


    • Fibroblast treatment is performed by placing micro dots in the skin with the Fibroblast device, stimulating instant contraction and tightening of skin fibers.
    • Fibroblast causes sublimation, which is the process of turning a solid into a gas, so results are instant. There is no heat transferred to surrounding tissues to cause damage to normal skin. The device uses plasma; there is no electric current, which can cause problems for some patients. There is no damage to surrounding tissue, for optimal healing.
  • Facial

  • $ 65
    By Artist
  • Dynamic mini-facial


    • Put the glow back in your skin. We do a light exfoliation with steam to open up the pores and disencrust your skin, followed with a gentle effleurage massage for anti-aging, muscle-stimulation, tightening and facilitating product penetration. Our treatment ends with a hydrating mask and a luxurious oil that will leave you feeling like you spent the day at the spa.
    • Gentle enough for any type of skin. We use only premium products. Please let us know in advance if you have any allergies in advance.
    • Treat your skin and your senses.
  • Makeup Application

  • $ 250
    Per Session
  • In-Studio Makeup Application


    • Let Master Makeup Artist Renee show you how you can look your best.
    • Renee has beautified celebrities for the red carpet, editorials, photoshoots, headshots, and has made many brides look beautiful for their engagement shoots and wedding days. She has also consulted for luxury makeup brands in product development.
    • Renee can do a “natural” to “drag” makeup look, but she specializes in enhancing your natural beauty. Consultation always included.
    • Only the best products used in a carefully hygienic manner.
    • False Lashes always included in price.
  • Make-up Lesson

  • . 250
    Per Hour
  • In-Studio Makeup Lesson 101


    • Learn the Basics (Day and Night Makeup) from Master Makeup Artist Rene
    • Whether you’ve never held a makeup brush before or you want to refresh your dated look, there’s something to learn!
    • Renee will share Pro tips and secrets.
    • Do you have a destination wedding and haven’t found any makeup artist that you’re confident in yet? Consider taking a makeup lesson so you can ensure that you look your best on your wedding day.

Additional Services

Eyeliner, Lash Enhancement, Soft Subtle Smoky Eye

Facials, BB Glow, Full-Face Wax

Scalp Micro-Pigmentation for Men & Women