Your Questions.

Answered By Renee.

Please watch the video & read this entire section until the end before coming in for your appointment.




What is Permanent Makeup?

Permanent Makeup is specialized cosmetic tattooing. It is also commonly referred to as Microblading, Micropigmentation, 3-D or 6-D Brows, Brow-Feathering, Brow Embroidery, etc.

Is it safe?

Safety and cleanliness is a priority and our environment and commitment reflect these values. All needles are sterile for individual use and are fully disposed after each use.

Is it painful?

I will use a high-grade topical anesthetic prior to and throughout the duration of the procedure for your comfort. Most clients feel nothing or describe a “tweezing” sensation. Sensitive clients may require longer numbing but the sensation is tolerable. Many clients fall asleep in the chair during the procedure.

What will I look like after the procedure? What activities do I avoid?

Your permanent makeup will intensify in color and appear darker and more defined for the first 4-6 days. It will appear darkest the next day. There may also be an alteration in the color and it may look “warmer” or reddish in tone if you’re prone to sensitive skin. There may be temporary redness for half an hour after the procedure. This will subside. If you are self-conscious you may want to resume regular social events after one week. After one week, the intensity will soften 30%-40%.

When can I return to work?

Many times clients return to work immediately after or resume the next day; it’s up to you and your comfort level. The most noticeable day is the next day. Eyebrow procedures produce minimal swelling (Hairstroke Machine Method may produce minimal swelling) and no bruising but the color will intensify in the following days post procedure. Please note: your permanent makeup will look darker than usual during the first week–this is completely normal.

How do I prepare my skin for my appointment?

For the best results, please ensure that the specific area is healthy, moisturized, and free from irritations and blemishes prior to your procedure. If the skin area is damaged or “open” it is best to wait for it to heal first. MOISTURIZED, CALM SKIN IS ESSENTIAL. AVOID RETINOLS, EXFOLIANTS AND DRYING AGENTS. If your skin is dry, irritated or “flared up,” it is detrimental to the procedure as this prevents optimal retention. Please take care, be advised and prepare accordingly. Please refer to the PREP + AFTER page.

How long will my brows last? Is it really permanent?

The “permanence” of the brows depends from person to person because there are a myriad variables at play that affect the longevity of your permanent makeup. It will fade over time. It’s called “Permanent Makeup” because the particles from the pigment stay in your skin forever, although the saturation dissipates eventually causing fading/visibly perceived complete dissipation. Factors such as natural elements, skin type (i.e. Oilier skin can fade faster), age, skincare regimen (i.e. anti-aging creams), facials, peels, sun exposure, tanning beds, sweating, exercise habits… are all at play when it comes to affecting the life span of your brows. On average, they may last anywhere from 1-3 years. However, they start to fade the moment you get them because as the skin cells shed and regenerate, the pigment will surface and eventually fade out. It is recommended to get touch-ups to freshen up the PMU to maintain its natural look every 6 months to a year.

Many clients ask “how will I know when I should get them done again?”… the answer is usually “you’ll know…!” because you will grow increasingly frustrated at the lack thereof or you’ll find that you’re back to filling them in again more than you’d like. Usually after the first round, you’ll get an idea of your body’s cycle and how often you prefer to come in.

You can anticipate acclimating to your new brows, however, so you may find that your “preference” will evolve into an increasingly fuller/more filled-in look over time. For example, you may think your brows are more faded than they are because you’ve gotten used to having them filled in as opposed to when you initially came in with virgin brows. We can always go darker, just let us know because we always err on the conservative side!

I have ``odd`` skin texture. Is this procedure for me?

Facial skin, unlike the skin on the rest of the body, is particularly delicate. On top of that, thin skin, age and texture affects the outcome of the permanent makeup. If you have skin that is of concern, please send us a photo before your appointment. Very few people have completely flawless skin and I will do my best to work along with your situation. A follow-up appointment is included with each new application and allows for improvement and fine-tuning.

What about my existing eyebrows? Should I groom them?

During your consultation, I’ll take the time to groom and trim your existing eyebrows. Permanent makeup does not affect the existing hair, it only addresses the skin. You are encouraged to maintain the shape created during your consultation and procedure once the brows are completely healed. If you have unwanted grey hair, you have the options of dyeing it, using a mascara, or removing them.

Can I get permanent makeup cheaper than your prices?

Yes, you can shop around but more important than price is quality. My price reflects my commitment to quality, safety, service and expertise gleaned from my cumulative experience in the beauty industry. When choosing a permanent makeup professional, you are choosing an artist that you invest with not only for one appointment, but for years to come as you age and change your look, so chose the best professional that meets your standards. Please take your time to do your due diligence. It’s your face!

Can you fix somebody else's work?

It is possible, depending on case-by-case. Please email us CLEAR photos of your brows (with no makeup on).

If your eyebrows are a highly saturated grey, red, purple, black or extremely dark, I highly recommend getting them removed by a specialist or by laser beforehand. This will give me a suitable base to work from once your brow area is fully healed. If your eyebrows are faded or light, I can usually work with them in an effort to “camouflage” the previous design if the shape is agreeable with my aesthetic. However, you’ll need to send in CLEAR photos to see how I can help you, otherwise you may waste your time by coming in for an appointment only to be disappointed if I’m unable to help you. Please note, in some cases the existing permanent eyebrows can negate the effect of the hairstrokes, causing them to blur. However, as your permanent eyebrows fade with time, I can build up the effect for you. Please know that in some cases extra sessions may be required as it is unique case-per-case.

Please note that if you previously had tattoo work done, a photograph must be submitted before scheduling an appointment.****

CAVEAT This is an appeal to common sense. Please be aware that Permanent Makeup is an ART and not a science. As artists there is only so much we can do to control the outcome of each procedure. Please trust that I am deeply invested in giving you beautiful eyebrows–it’s my craft and my passion. Each individual renders unique and non-replicable variables that will produce variegated results during every procedure. Every procedure is unique and may produce a different outcome, even for the same person. Even the same person over time may have changes to the skin and produce different results. I cannot predict or control this. Committing to follow-through with your procedure means that you understand the inherent risks involved. Going to another artist after having your brows done by Brows by Renee automatically releases you as a client. Brows by Renee has the right to release you as a client at anytime.

We reserve the right to refuse services to anyone.

A note on LATISSE: there are currently studies going on indicating that LATISSE may inhibit color retention indefinitely into the skin. If you have used LATISSE in the brow area within the past two years, and continue to move forward in getting a brow procedure done, you are acknowledging the inherent risk that your skin may not take to the procedure and there may be little to no retention. No additional services will be provided beyond the customary process.

Do I need to have a consultation before my appointment?

No, it is not necessary. During the initial portion of your appointment, we will have a conversation about what you’re hoping to achieve and I will recommend shapes and colors based on my assessment of your features and will do a “reshaping”of the proposed design. I always offer an extensive explanation of this as well; due to my 12 years as a beauty educator, it’s an inherent part of my routine to explain the process to my clients to ensure that you understand each step of the way. It is my priority to ensure that all of your questions are answered and that you feel absolutely comfortable and confident in moving forward in going through with the procedure. Also, I will be seeing you for a follow-up appointment in the following months so you may “fine-tune” your design and make adjustments to shape and color. I always err on the natural side since we can always go “bolder, bigger, darker,” with ease but not so much the other way around. I show you the colors I will choose before we begin so there are absolutely no surprises during the appointment–it’s a collaboration from beginning to end. We do not proceed unless we are both on the same page.

What can I expect the day of the procedure?

Please allocate around 2 hours for your appointment. First I will carefully analyze your facial shape, structure and features, pinpointing how your natural features can be enhanced by the procedure. Then, I will advise you on the most suitable shape and colors to match your skin and hair tone. Finally, using a cosmetic pencil, I will create a design by reshaping your existing brow to help you envision your ideal end result. Only once you are 100% happy, I will proceed to numb you with the topical anesthetic for 20 minutes. Each procedure normally lasts approximately 45 minutes. Lastly, I will review aftercare instruction with you and schedule your follow-up visit.

Will getting my brows done save me money?

Yes, more than likely! According to InStyle, the average woman spends over $15,000 on makeup during their lifetime. This statistic reveals just how much money permanent makeup can save you in the long-run. More importantly, permanent makeup will save you precious time that allows you to “wash and go” in the morning and step out of the house with confidence.

Do I have to avoid any activities after my procedure?

Yes. You will need to avoid SWEATING and avoid contact with water as much as possible and exposure to sun. No swimming and suntanning for 2 weeks after any procedure. Gentle washing with gentle cleansers only when absolutely needed. Only the following 3 products are allowed in the brow area: moisturizer, oils (grapeseed, coconut, argan, etc.), and the aftercare provided (A+D ointment, Aquaphor, etc. OK). Avoid scrubbing the permanent makeup area until it has fully healed.

Can I wear makeup as usual after the procedure?

You’ll need to wait two weeks before you can apply your makeup as usual in the brow area. Keeping the brow area skin clean and free from cosmetics is important during the healing process so as to prevent infection and impeding the healing process. You may wear makeup around the area.